St.Galler Management & Leadership Summer School | English

Holistic qualification in 2 × 4 days - The program for professionalism in management

The Management & Leadership Summer School is a unique training option for all managers who would like to engage with new ways of thinking, acting and leading.
In 2 × 4 days, this compact, holistic program equips leaders to deal with new management roles. It takes place at a time of year when the absence of very busy managers from work is most easily tolerated, namely in the summer. The program’s design has a scientific basis: the system-oriented management theory, St.Gallen's management model and the TRANSFORM! model. The content comprises themes and methods which are compatible with one another and are based on an integrated, holistic approach.​


St Gallen’s certificate with exam:
Certification as a St Gallen Management Expert
CHF 600 I EUR 600

Target group

Experienced managers who

  • are in a senior position and bear responsibility for the results of a whole company or organizational unit
  • actively help to shape areas of action in their company
  • are preparing to take on new roles with greater managerial responsibility
  • want to acquire, refresh or systematize solid management skills
  • want to update and renew their own management expertise


Summer School Week 1
Presence training 4 days

The TRANSFORM! leadership model & leadership personality in balance
  • Introduction to the TRANSFORM! model
  • Effective leadership: discipline and technical skills
  • Own roots: source of values and concept of human nature
  • What type of leader am I? Determining your selfimage and public perception
  • Leadership personality: effective, authentic and balanced leadership
  • Vision and value orientation: orientating yourself long-term, both professionally and privately
Think tank Specialist presentation and think tank session

Summer School Week 2
Presence training 4 days

Strategy, change and culture: shaping and embedding transformation
  • Strategy: thinking strategically and asking the right questions
  • People and culture: shaping transformation
  • Structure and team: recognizing diversity and individual strengths
  • Job design: fostering and developing exceptional people
  • Acknowledging and managing implementation gaps in the change process
  • Providing inspiration: managers who demand performance from their employees must facilitate finding purpose
Think tank Specialist presentation and think tank session


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