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International Management Education

Leadership Development begins at St.Gallen:Do you want to lead the skills of your managers and employees into the future in a systematic way? We understand how to recognise potential clearly and promote management and leadership skills in such a way that the development of the organization and its people are mutually reinforced.

Program director

Sebastian Marshall

Sebastian Marshall’s work at St.Gallen Consulting Group focusses on the challenges of change management and international leadership. With nearly 20 years international work experience, he has managed projects in Europe, Asia and the US and has worked successfully with people from over 50 different countries.

As Program Director IME he is responsible for the development of up-to-date concepts for global management & leadership education and successful international cooperation beyond borders.



True success knows no boundaries. That’s why the St.Gallen Management Framework is held in such high regard among business practitioners far beyond the borders of Switzerland. And it’s also why we offer a selection of our well-proven programs for international leaders in English language.

Our range of seminars in English covers the really crucial management disciplines. Added to this are our proven St. Gallen management and leadership programs, designed to deliver indispensable knowledge in concentrated form. For each of our theoretical and practical modules we choose the most appropriate didactic approach to match the backgrounds and development objectives of the people participating.


Open Programs



Do you want to avoid off-the-peg solutions to your business development plans? Would you prefer to rely on programs and teaching modules which are in step with actual practice and whose content, format and methods combine business objectives with personal goals in an effective way?

Rather than interchangeable know-how, we deliver concrete answers to the pressing issues that face your business. Together we can determine the development concepts that best suit your company. You also may decide on the extent to which the program should be company- or sector-specific.

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Corporate Programs
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Seminars & Trainings

Corporate Programs
Internationales Projektmanagement
Internationale Projekte planen und steuern
Financial Management | English
Fundamental principles of financial management
Negotiation Principles of St.Gallen | English
Problem Solving – Decision Making
Personal Excellence | English
Develop personal potential and charisma
Managerial Effectiveness | English
Your toolbox for successful management
Leading Change | English
Successfully Managing Instability and Transformation
Managing Business | English
Understanding the challenges of developing business
Executive Leadership | English
Developing your individual leadership personality


Seminare & Trainings

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für Einzelpersonen

Seminare & Trainings

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Keynotes & Impulse

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