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Develop your individual leadership personality
Develop your individual leadership personality. Stop and take stock of your leadership journey so far, assess where leadership is going in the digital age and construct your own individual development path for the future. With an experienced coach and a powerful group of peers you can expect to work on the following topics.
Today’s working environment is extremely complex, and ist cycles of change are getting shorter and shorter. The ability to influence people, arouse their enthusiasm and to steer them through a complex world and times of turbulent change is called leadership. The aim is to empower people to think and act independently and in alignment with the organization’s vision and objectives. Leaders must continuously develop their own leadership qualities to meet these ever-growing challenges.

Target group

The leadership program is aimed at members of middle and upper management, sector heads as well as human resources managers and team leaders who wish to improve their management competence with a wholistic approach.


With an experienced coach and a powerful group of peers you can expect to work on the following topics: 

Leadership values | Personal leadership values and aspirations, stability and resilience. 

New insights on old stories | Useful neuroscience for personal growth, understanding behaviour and motivation. 

New demands and challenges | Modern definition of leadership. Breaking down old thinking patterns. The effects of digitalization, social trends and “New Work”. 

High performance (agile) teams | Designing collaboration constructively, leading self-organizing and agile teams, working on team development. 

Leading and supporting transformation successfully | Growth mindset, developing new habits, culture change and change leadership. 

Courage and responsibility | Handling responsibility. Appetite for risk and entrepreneurship. 

Empowerment | From superior to sparring partner, developing coaching competence, having high value conversations. 

Employee development | The leader's role, giving rich feedback, delegation. Methods and tools. Knowledge Transfer.

Q&A/experience exchange session | web session to secure transfer process 4–6 weeks after seminar. 

Optional | Individual coaching to develop leadership skills.


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