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What challenges will managers be faced with in the future, and how can these be met? In answer to these questions, we have established our St.Gallen’s Management & Leadership Program. Together we will embark on a learning journey that will support you to develop as a person and thus as a leader.
Whoever takes on a management role cannot rely on experience and routine alone, but also needs to deal with new, complex, unfamiliar situations. More than ever, managers need a reliable navigation system to refine their skills. The program provides this navigation system with topics ranging from strategic competence to leadership skills, cultural transformation and personal excellence. The modules of the three-part program are based on St.Gallen’s management teaching principles, combined with current management approaches. The program also focusses on analyzing and developing your own leadership personality and management behavior.

Target group

Leaders who who would like to optimize their leadership and management competencies holistically. 


There is the option of passing an exam and/or writing a thesis at the end of the program and certifying as St.Gallen Leadership & Management Expert. 


Program CHF 12’500 | EUR 10’900 
with Certificate CHF 14’500 | EUR 12’800 
with Diploma CHF 17’800 | EUR 15’900


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Personal Excellence

Personal Excellence actively encourages you to change your personal perspective on others and on yourself. This gives you the opportunity to self-reflect more deeply in order to get to know yourself better and to be able to communicate and to use your strengths and talents in a more targeted way.

Focus on strengths | Where do your true strengths lie? Which talents should you develop? 

Personal impact | Body awareness. Versatility of expression. Enhancing presentation skills.

Self-leadership | Self reflection and self-awareness. Handling pressure, opposition and stress.

Communication and conversational skills | Principles of successful communication skills. Active listening. Dealing with difficult conversations.

Developing spontaneity | Improvisation and quick wittedness. Quick responsiveness.

My contribution to the whole | Personal development plan. Recommended complementary activities.

Knowledge Transfer | Q&A/experience exchange session web session to secure transfer process 4–6 weeks after seminar.

Optional | Individual coaching to develop personal skills.


Executive Leadership

Stop and take stock of your leadership journey so far, assess where leadership is going in the digital age and construct your own individual development path for the future. 

Leadership values | 
Personal leadership values and aspirations, stability and resilience.

New insights on old stories | Useful neuroscience for personal growth, understanding behaviour and motivation.

New demands and challenges | Modern definition of leadership. Breaking down old thinking patterns.  

High performance (agile) teams | Designing collaboration constructively, leading self-organizing and agile teams, working on team development.

Leading and supporting transformation successfully | Growth mindset, developing new habits, culture change and change leadership.

Courage and responsibility | Handling responsibility. Appetite for risk and entrepreneurship.

Empowerment | Employee development The leader's role, giving rich feedback, delegation. Methods and tools.

Knowledge Transfer | Q&A/experience exchange session web session to secure transfer process 4–6 weeks after seminar.

Optional | Individual coaching to develop leadership skills.


Managing Business

Managing Business gives you the skills to make far-sighted decisions between the conflicting priorities of market opportunities and company strengths. Strategic planning which will lead you faster and safer to future success.

Business management | Vision and mission for corporations, businesses and departments.

Top Management Perspective | The Playground: Individuals, organizations, corporations, businesses and departments.

The integrated St.Gallen management approach | The company navigation system. Levels of strategic and operative management.

Strategy radar | For corporations, businesses and departments.

Strategy development process | How to define a strategy development process. 

Implementing strategy | Key features of strategy controlling and how to link strategies to annual objectives and to the annual (financial) planning cycle.

How to deal with the future | Operative mid- and long-term planning, strategic planning, forecasts and scenarios. Dealing with the unknowable. 

New target groups, new markets | Between grey surfers and digital natives. New target groups in the digital age.

Customer orientation | Customer oriented innovation, management, and cost structures.

Knowledge Transfer | Q&A/experience exchange session web session to secure transfer process 4–6 weeks after seminar.

Optional | Individual coaching on managing the own department.

DATES 2022

The order of the modules can be changed.

Date options module 1

June 13 – 15, St.Gallen
September 14 – 16, St.Gallen
December 5 – 7, St.Gallen

Date options module 2

July 13 – 15, St.Gallen
November 28 – 30, St.Gallen

Date options module 3

May 16 – 18, St.Gallen
September 26 – 28, St.Gallen
October 24 – 26, St.Gallen

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