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Negotiation Principles of St.Gallen | English

Problem Solving – Decision Making
Using methodology for closing: How executives and their staff can create a more successful internal and external negotiation process that enhances conscious planning, argumentation and dialogue.
Executives face negotiation on a constant basis. Still, some try to gain an advantage over their counterparts by haggling or using other deceptive tactics. Successful negotiators and facilitators, however, do not seek a quick or one-time gain. Rather, they persuade their opponent and strengthen the foundation for a lasting collaboration. The Negotiation Principles of St. Gallen were developed from insights gained through numerous negotiation and mediation talks within the economic and political arenas as well as in the fields of sales and purchasing. Today, it is one of the most successful methods of cooperative negotiation.


The package includes a 3-day inhouse training undertaken at your site for up to 12 participants.

Customized program (3 days)

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Services included
Program tailored to your requirements: fine-tuning of the program with the trainer, integration of company-specific topics & development individual negotiation scenarios, event preparation and follow-up.

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Target group

Our seminar «Negotiation Principles of St. Gallen» addresses executives and personnel who would like to reassess, broaden or improve their behavioral skills within the field of negotiation, with either their internal or external «client base» as well as achieve the best possible results while at the same time advancing the relationship with the negotiating party.


Understanding the mechanisms of communication psychology | Consideration of the role of the receiver. Psychological aspects of communication oriented towards the receiver.

Forms of communication within the negotiation process | What matters most during negotiation. TOpen communication vs. closed communication.  

Understanding the fundamentals of negotiation | The ability to recognize negotiating situations. The significance of attitude towards disagreement and conflicts.

The art of persuasive negotiation | How to deal with powerful opponents and overcoming the classic obstacle of having the desire for success while retaining the virtue of humanity. 

Team negotiation requires discipline, trust and training | Learn how to negotiate as a team. Recognize the different personality styles and roles of the negotiating partners. Defining your own role. 

Recognizing and utilizing psychological factors and opportunities of influence | Establishing a negotiation map that outlines how to combine different roles, interests and areas of influence.

Optimum preparation | Learn how to efficiently prepare negotiations without the use of extensive check lists. Methods for problem solution within the negotiation and mediation process.

Concepts of argumentation | Argumentation techniques and their effects. The appropriate progression of information and argumentation.

The (psycho)logical dialogue | Questioning techniques – Arguments in dialogue and negotiation. Listening skills – Questioning – Argumentation.  

Fair-minded dialectical reasoning in negotiating situations | Ways and resources to persuade using easily comprehensible language. Emphasizing customer’s benefit.

Argumentation and cooperative negotiation | Guidelines for argumentation. Motives for decision-making, value proposition.

Logical aspects of argumentation | Genuine and spurious arguments. Types of argumentation and speech.

Mastering closing techniques | Getting to the point, reinforcing mutually defined solutions without losing face. Reaching an agreement for measures to be taken and monitoring compliance.

Integrative strategies | Evaluation of negotiation results. How to create a win-win situations for both parties. The principle of giving and taking. The characteristics of successful negotiation.

Planning and Preparation | How to plan and prepare for dialogue. Negotiation strategies and tactics. Techniques of persuasion and closing.

Potential synergies | Utilizing potential synergies within internal conflicts of interest. How to assist your own staff to achieve optimum negotiation results.


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