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Successfully Managing Instability and Transformation
Chances, challenges, and change: How managers and project leaders can use the latest findings from organizational psychology to bring about effective transformation.
How can organizations be analyzed, diagnosed and systematically influenced? Successful change management always is a matter of making the right assumptions and choosing the right approaches. We draw on the latest research findings and our own experience working with leading large and medium-sized enterprises to impart fresh know-how on managing change. We elucidate and discuss current change management methodologies, and highlight practical criteria for defining the most suitable approach in any given situation. After the seminar, participants will have a reliable overview and a good understanding of state-of-the-art change management solutions. 


The package includes a 3-day inhouse training undertaken at your site for up to 12 participants.

Customized program (3 days)

CHF 13'800 I EUR 13'600

Services included
Program tailored to your requirements: fine-tuning of the program with the trainer, event preparation and follow-up.

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Target group

Managers, consultants and project leaders from organizations in the private and the public sector who want to deliver change and innovation projects in line with the latest findings from organizational and social research.


Patterns of change | Typical laws of behavior governing change in living, complex systems. Transfer to different situations. Findings from natural sciences and systems research, experience and know-how from organizational development. Optimizing and innovating 

The most important change philosophies | Every change methodology has specific benefits and boundaries. What intercultural challenges lie in change? How can change project teams be build and led, and on the basis of what skills and tools? 

Relevance for people | Attitudes, opposition and patterns of behavior in the way people experience change. Personal factors. Tools that help people grasp the relevance of change for different positions. Typical reactions to change and their reasons.
Individual patterns | Personal patterns and resources, and how we ourselves handle change. Professional leadership. Individual experiences. 

Shaping instability | Handling complex dynamics. Building systems skills: consciously creating a balance between stability and instability. Breaking patterns. From instruction and coaching to moderating instability. 

Situation analysis | Benchmarking and corporate change can trigger important change, but are a delicate topic. Innovative methods are needed to capture the initial situation and diagnose the departments and functions affected. Only this type of diagnosis enables you to implement effective training measures – even with virtual or distributed teams (distant leadership).

Leading and supporting change | What are the reasons for success or failure? If you want to win over people and keep them on board, you have to understand them and the way they behave. Participants will learn how to detect values, symbols, cultures, rituals and artifacts in their own organization or department.

Influencing systems, overcoming blocks | How can you intervene in systems as a change agent and ensure they develop goal-oriented? You have to identify barriers and blocks, and set up the interplay of forces critical to success. What methods can be used to reanimate jammed or gridlocked processes while avoiding falling back into old patterns?

Communication in change processes | There’s no change without dialogue: good changers know how to plan communication, involve management systems, think in terms of feedback cycles, and ensure that change is monitored. They are also fair and respectful when dealing with the losers, retaining their credibility and humanity.


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