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Financial Management | English

Fundamental principles of financial management
Drive efficiency and profitability: learning to measure, monitor, plan and achieve financial goals is key to growing the success of a business.
Financial control of a company is a core element of modern management. In times of an economic downturn, financial strategy is the key to profit maximization opportunities. Managers must constantly make relevant financial policy decisions, which will ensure the company’s long-term financial stability and profitability. Financial Management for Executives gives an overview of the essential aspects of financial control and is geared to result-oriented managers who need to further their knowledge of financial management.


The package includes a 3-day inhouse training undertaken at your site for up to 12 participants.

Customized program (3 days)

CHF 15'400 I EUR 15'200

Services included
Program tailored to your requirements: fine-tuning of the program with the trainer, integration of company-specific topics & KPIs, event preparation, follow-up.

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Target group

Financial Management is tailored to managers with a basic knowledge of financial policy. The program is not only geared toward board members, managers and owners of mid-sized companies and heads of business sectors or profit centers, but also to young professionals who must already make far-reaching financial decisions.


Financial strategies | Their incorporation in corporate strategy. Efficient financial engineering. Broadening the product range and its effect on cost structure. Outsourcing and capital intensity. Core competencies and the development of cash flow. 

Financial instruments | The basics on balance sheets. Using income statements and cash flow statements.

Analyzing financial statements | Significance of the annual report. Interpreting balance sheets and profit and loss statements. 

Management information systems | Analysis, planning and simulation. Management reporting and business performance measurement. Measuring the performance of international companies. Quality management and asset management.

Adding corporate value | Value-based management. Targeted use of value generators.

Valuing companies | Methods of measuring intrinsic value, earning power and combinations. Discounted cash flow analyses. Prudent accounting practices.

Mergers and acquisitions | Selecting a target. Procedures when buying and selling. Investment proposals. Make-or-buy decisions.

Consolidating financial management | Financing structures in holding and group companies. Shareholder value management.

Planning instruments | Cost management and management accounting systems. Using the Flow-of-Funds analysis as a management tool. Controlling and business planning. Tools, liquidity planning. International cash management.

Costing methods | Process costing methods. Target costing methods and their implementation.


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