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The Management School St.Gallen allows the coming together of performance-oriented people who prefer to develop their knowledge-based success factors systematically instead of by chance and anticipate, rather than react to, significant changes.

Participant Voices

Managerial Effectiveness

«The MSSG offers high-quality advanced training to strengthen the own leadership skills. The training offers offer a framework for acquiring in-depth knowledge, questioning one's own leadership practice and developing it further. The lecturers convince with their know-how and background. The focus is on people in the company - a key factor for the well-being of both employees and the organisation.»

Eva Bruhin
Head of Prevention Strategies Section, BAG

Managerial Effectiveness

«The management training programs of the MSSG are always helpful and useful, because they address the current challenges related to leadership & management. I have not attended a single training course in recent years that I could not use for my daily work.»

Ralf Nagel
VP Sales & Service, Siemens Industry Software

Advanced Leadership

«I am glad having decided to take an exam after the program. Participation in the exam is an excellent opportunity and duty to engage oneself in the contents of the individual modules again. As a result, what you have learned becomes much more memorable. The courses are too valuable to simply put the seminar folder in the closet.»

Iris Graffunder
Project Leader, EWN Entsorgungswerk für Nuklearanlagen


Digital Leadership Masterclass

«The seminars of the Management School St.Gallen support me in keeping up-to-date. The "Digital Leadership Masterclass" series is a good example of how to deal with current topics and how to stay one step ahead of the market.»

André Müller
Senior Vice President Project Management, Senvion Deutschland

St.Gallen's Digital Leadership Program

«Top-class trainers, exciting group discussions and a very good flight altitude on the topics clearly speak for participating in the «St.Gallen's Digital Leadership Program». In particular, the module «Resonance through leadership» left a strong impression on me.»

Christian Urban
Corporate Planning & Development, LAND-DATA

St. Gallen's Management Diploma

«After a few years I wanted to refresh the knowledge from my studies again, but not simply by attending seminars. I wanted a knowledge update in combination with a practical application and professional support and feedback. But there are many providers of management seminars. At MSSG, I was particularly impressed by the concept of modular knowledge transfer and the subsequent application. My view of management has definitely changed in the course of the diploma program.»

Dirk Spitthoff
Business Unit Manager, Kassenärztliche Vereiningung Westfalen-Lippe

First Leadership

«The seminar gave me a valuable overview of all important tools and tools in management. The elements of sound, up-to-date theory on the one hand and the regular, practical considerations taking into account the individual situation of the participants on the other hand made this seminar unique for me!»

Laura Bornmann
Executive Assistant, REWE

St. Gallen's Management Diploma

«I was looking for an institute that teaches St. Gallen management theory. The MSSG with its excellent speakers offers exactly what I was looking for. The speakers are technically very competent and able to enrich the individual seminars with their experiences. For me, the seminars were an ideal preparation for the St. Gallen's Management Diploma and, above all, they are excellent support for practical implementation in the company. What I have learned already bears fruit for our company in the implementation and gives me personal security in decision-making.»

Volker Meisterjahn
Head of Development, MEGA Software

Digital Leadership Masterclass

«Practice-oriented approach to current challenges with a scientific background and experienced presenters.»

Jan Klüver
IT Management Consultant, kobaltblau Management Consultants

St. Gallen's Change Management Diploma

«After having had responsibility for many change projects in my professional life, I wanted to critically analyze my most recently completed project and compare current trends and knowledge. I wanted to work on the project as part of a scientific work. The program modules were important to refresh the current state of knowledge in change management. The diploma thesis was the icing on the cake for deepening and critical reflection. I chose the MSSG because of the flexible course organization. And because I feel very attached to the St. Gallen philosophy and the focus on long-term perspectives.»

Ernst Petri
Senior Vice President, OMV

Digital Leadership Masterclass

«The seminar showed me in a vivid way, with great practical examples, what it means to become digital. What aspects are important to create a new leadership culture as well as how they are being implemented in different start-ups. A high-level seminar, after which I have gotten new impulses, understood the context and feel able to become DIGITAL.»

Reto Stump
Board of Directors, Helsana Versicherungen

Advanced Leadership

«Professional seminar with competent trainer and pleasant conversation atmosphere.»

Markus Weiglhofer
Head of QM, TDK Electronics

St. Gallen's Management Diploma

«For me, the diploma program was a very good opportunity to build a stable bridge between theory and my own practical experience. In particular, the possibility to process and present a topic with high practical value in the context of the diploma thesis has helped me a lot to transform the contents of the courses into my own environment in order to deal with future questions more efficiently.»

Andreas Vambrie
Structured Solutions, BayernLB

St. Gallen's Management Diploma

«The St. Gallen's Change Management diploma course not only brought me closer to the theoretical facets of change management, but also taught me a lot of valuable insights directly from practice. The very practice-oriented tutors and the participants from various industries and positions have resulted in a perfect mix of theory and practice. An all-round valuable experience that I have already been able to use profitably in my current position.»

Elke Bohn
HR Manager, Ecolab Europe

Digital Leadership Masterclass

«A digital world poses great challenges for employees, managers, technology and companies. As part of the impulse days, there are always new approaches to how these questions can be answered and how other participants deal with them. Refreshing discussions on a sound basis - for a successful digital future»

Stefan Moser
Head of Omnichannel-Management, Berner Kantonalbank

St. Gallen's Management Diploma

«At the beginning there was the question: management course or management diploma. I chose the management diploma and retrospectively it was the right decision. I really have to think back a very long time to remember an event where I received so much content with a directly applicable practical relevance in a comparatively short time. A nice side effect: networking with like-minded people and new friends in an international environment. Recommended.»

Klaus Veselko
CEO bei Software Quality Lab

First Leadership

«A well-chosen mix of theory and practical examples! I would like to see more courses of this format from other providers.»

Benno Schnüriger
Team Leader, Finnova

St. Gallen's Management Diploma

«In order to meet my own requirements for a highly qualified, part-time advanced training with a focus on St. Gallen management theory, I decided to study for the St. Gallen's Management Diploma from the MSSG. The decisive factors were the reputation of the MSSG, the selection of speakers and professional support right from the start. My managerial role demands permanent orientation in a constant change in a very dynamic logistics sector. The conveyed content in particular, but also the dialog with the course participants from different countries and industries, have set me up perfectly for new challenges.»

Karsten Keil
Vice President IT, Schnellecke Logistics

Führen, Leisten, Leben - Managerial Effectiveness

«A training course that successfully conveys theoretical knowledge and at the same time shows current practical examples of the participants' practical application. A big praise to the trainer.

Daniel Haller
Head of F&M, Hoerbiger Automatisierungstechnik

Strategic Management

«The seminar follows a clearly understandable process model and has a high practical relevance.»

Jörn van Rossum
Head of Front Office, Deutsche Leasing

St. Gallen's Management Diploma

«Driven by the focus of my current position, I was looking for new impulses for the sustainable implementation of our corporate strategy. The seminar contents conveyed by the excellent speakers on the basis of the St.Gallen management theory were a good basis for the decision to complete the St.Gallen's Management Diploma. I am currently implementing the strategic realignment developed in the diploma thesis in the department I am responsible for. So I can say that the diploma course was a success for me in two ways.»

Lars Otte
Vice President Business Development, Schnellecke Logistics

Professional Management Assistance

«By far one of my best seminars, top trainer selection and all round professional and high quality - following the motto: better business - better education!»

Nina Daum
Executive Assistant, BBBank

Strategic Management

«Practical knowledge in a nutshell. Communicated almost playfully through didactic methodology and anchored in the memory.»

Michael Rohr
CEO, Ernst Bohle

St. Gallen's Management Diploma

«Especially when building a new business as a start-up leader, the technical idea behind something new is extremely important, but only half the truth. Strategy, marketing, positioning - all these issues are of central importance. The St. Gallen's Management Diploma helped me to build this bridge from "technology" to "general management". The top qualified speakers put tools aside, which become important companions in everyday work. The diploma thesis helps enormously to integrate what has been learned into your own task and to deepen it in a practice-oriented way.»

Christian Vogler
Start-up Development, nolax

Leadership & Inpiration

«An extremely valuable program for the daily management practice - especially after many years in a responsible managerial position, it was a very good mix of self-reflection and the teaching of essential management tools and principles. What distinguishes the seminar from my perspective is the practical link between these individual elements and achieving the company goals.»

Stephan Morgenschweis
Head of Customer Management, Amprion

Strategic Management

«A very helpful seminar to keep up to date with the latest management methods.»

Thomas Friedrich
CFO, Mannstaedt

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